Centennial Project


Northwest Rotary Skatepark

In December 2002, the Rotary Club of St. John's Northwest embarked on an exciting project which will bear Rotary's name and be a lasting legacy in the City of St. John's. The club's commitment of $45,000 over three years was the catalyst for initiating, in partnership with the City of St. John's, the construction of the Northwest Rotary Skatepark, a professionally planned and built permanent Skatepark for local youths - the first one of its kind in the province, and a much-anticipated facility by our young skateboarders. The Northwest Rotary Skate Park, to be located in Mundy Pond Park and opened in June, 2005, will be our Club's Rotary Centennial Project, marking Rotary's 100th Anniversary.

This project arose out of the considerable public concern in St. John's over where local skateboarders practice their skills (such as the War Memorial and on private properties around the city). But skateboarding is a sport that is here to stay and we must help our young people find a suitable locale for their enjoyment ad skill development in this sport. The construction of a professionally planned and built permanent Skatepark is viewed by the City of St. John's Recreation Department as a much-needed facility, just as sports facilities are provided for softball, soccer and hockey players.

Construction of the $500,000 plus 18,900 foot (1764 square metres) Skatepark began in early August 2004. With guidance from a landscape architect specializing in skatepark design, the Grand Concourse Authority is managing the project on behalf of the City. The Skatepark will be a state-of-the-art facility, built to a standard which will attract skateboarders from other provinces and permit the local skateboard association to host competitions.

In June 2005, our Club was honored by Rotary International with a Significant Achievement Award, which is given to one club in each RI District annually. Click here to read more about this award.

For more information, email Rotarian Heddy Peddle.