Apr 13, 2021
David Russell Brake, Essential Transit Association
Why a long-term provincial investment in transit on the Avalon is overdue and would save millions

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Transit on the NE Avalon is often seen as a service the city provides as an option for students and those too poor to afford a car. The province does not see transit as its responsibility and no party made it an issue in the recent election. It can be argued that provincial support for a better-funded transit network may be one of the best cost-effective investments the government could make to help thousands of people survive the impending financial squeezes and would also provide thousands in indirect cost savings.

Dr. David Brake lived in London, UK, and in Toronto before arriving in St John’s in 2016. He was a journalist covering transit issues while in Toronto and runs The Essential Transit Association, advocating for better transit in the NE Avalon region.