Feb 26, 2019
Lori Peterson, NL Foster Families Association
Foster Care: What you need to know.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Foster Families Association (NLFFA) has a mandate to advance and promote the professional role of Foster Parents and to be a collective voice for Foster Families throughout our province. The Association works in partnership with all the stakeholders within the foster care program to meet the needs of foster families and to enhance the care and support provided to children in care and their families. The NLFFA has responsibilities in the areas of education, recruitment, retention/support and advocacy. It is committed to the values of collaboration, partnership, relationship building, open communication and consensus decision making. We are a not for profit, charitable organization with three staff and, as such, resources are often limited.

We work to increase community awareness regarding foster families and to inform individuals that there is a need for more foster families which provides us an opportunity to recruit more homes. Throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, a shortage of homes may result in children residing outside their home communities, siblings being separated or overcrowding in foster homes.