East Coast Trail Cleanup

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East Coast Trails Cleanup

On September 27th, 2008 several members of the St. John's Northwest Rotary Club gave up their Saturday morning to contribute to a joint clean-up effort with the City of St. John's and the East Coast Trail Association (ECTA). Our members will trekked to a 500-metre portion of the Sugarloaf section of the East Coast trail for a hands-on clean-up of the area. The trail was recently featured in the media showing the deplorable level of garbage (especially plastic bags) in what is intended to be a beautiful hiking trail. The "plastic forest" is the result of garbage blown in from the nearby Robin Hood Bay landfill area.

Chuck and Daniel Martyn, husband and son of Rotarian Susan Martyn, shown with the work of the group.

Many thanks to our members (and Rotary family members) who contributed to the cleanup!