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Past Presidents

The NW Rotary Past Presidents Group is the brainchild of Past President (PP) George Peet, who came up with the idea at the end of his Club presidency in 1979. George had two ideas in mind:
  • Carry on the camaraderie of the Rotary Club Board meetings; and
  • Bring together as an ad hoc group the Past Presidents, who with their Rotary experience could possibly offer their services to the Club executive if required.

Some think of us as a Committee, which we are not. Committees are appointed; we are not. We are a group of Rotarians who continue to find ways to serve the club.  We run the weekly Hong Kong Auction which is a means of raising some seed money for our projects.

We organize the annual Past President's Roast/Toast for Rotarians and their significant others.   This event honors the work of the outgoing President.   For a number of years we made up and delivered Christmas hampers for distribution to the families at Rotary Manor.  On occasion we have taken on projects at the request of the Club executive.

The Rotary Club of St. John's Northwest Past Presidents:

1965-66  George Warren
1966-67  Ches Pippy
1967-68  Ted Henley
1968-69  Joe Chapman
1969-70  Don Owen
1970-71  Gordon Anthony
1971-72  Evan Johnson
1972-73  Eric Hiscock
1973-74  Jim Finn
1974-75  Cyril King
1975-76  Frank Noseworthy
1976-77  Hubert Sorhaitz
1976-77  Gordon Breen
1977-78  Doug Thompson
1978-79  George Peet
1979-80  Aidan Maloney
1980-81  Frank Fowler
1981-82  David Ralph
1982-83  John Harnett
1983-84  Walter Andrews
1984       Alan Tobin (2 months)
1984-85  Jim Finch (10 months)
1985-86  Jake Parsons
1986-87  Ernie Reid
1987-88  Kamal Paul
1988-89  Edwin Drover
1989-90  Bob Colford
1990-91  Cyril Morgan
1991-92  Owen Redfern
1992-93  Will Small
1993-94  Carl Dyke
1994-95  Charlie Preston
1995-96  John O'Reilly
1996-97  Cyril Elliott
1997-98  Bill Earle
1998-99  Mary Galway
1999-00  Geoff Snow
2000-01  Mike Bruce
2001-02  Sharon Duggan
2002-03  Mark Brown
2003-04  Tom McCaughey
2004-05  Lucy Dobbin
2005-06  Jim Kirby
2006-07  Sandra Patterson
2007-08  Gail Gosse
2008-09  Wendy Scammell
2009-10  Jeff Pardy
2010-11  Andrea Stack
2011-12  Carman Carroll
2012-13  Wilf McIsaac
2013-14  Jillian Gibson
2014-15  Judy McCann-Beranger
2015-16  Sharon Barnes  
2016-17  Claude Sullivan 
2017-18  Brad Beckett
2018-19  Andrea Brocklehurst 
2019-20  Kerry Hatfield