Trip of the Month Club

This is one of our Club's fundraising efforts that's hard to beat.

Every year around August and September, over a six-week period, we offer a limited number of memberships (max. 950) in our Trip of the Month Club, at $150 each.


Here's how it works:
Beginning in October, at our regular meeting on the first Tuesday, a winner for that month's trip is drawn. All 12 trips (and their values) are described on your membership card, so you'll know exactly what trips you can dream about. All trips include return airfare for two people, accommodations, and a spending allowance of $500. Some trips even include tickets to the theatre or some other special activity at the destination. Each winner has the choice of taking the trip as awarded (valid for one year), OR taking an alternative trip of his/her choice of equal or lesser value, OR taking cash equal to 85% of the trip won. Each month's draw also has five runners-up, each one winning $150.

Lots of great prizes!

Our 2021-22 tickets are now on sale! 

  Lucky winners

October 2021
Irish Highlights
Winner: Corey Tucker
Runners up: Andrea Stack, Mike & Stella Maguire, Wayne Moore, Steve Outerbridge, Brian Ricketts
New York City
Winner: Walter Schneider
September 2021
Weekend in Halifax
Winner: Paul & Rosalind Robbins
Runners up: Barbara Ellis, Jason Dunphy, Tony Hurley, Kingsley Ugoh, Kim Marrie
August 2021
West Coast NL Staycation
Winner: Peter Fitzgerald
Runners up: John & Betty Hiscock, Troy Wiseman, Sean MacDonald & Natalie Picot, June Turpin, Carol O'Keefe
July 2021
Maritimes self-drive vacation
Winner: Calvin Randell
Runners up: Andrew Furey, Nick Dasilva, Jim Osmond, David Pinsent, Jan-Peter DeSuza
June 2021
Gander River Fishing Trip
Winner: Brent Emmerson
Runners up: Norma Allen, Maureen Legare, Bob/Heather Cook, Art Puddister, Kim Delaney
May 2021
East Coast Staycation
Winner: Steve Grainger
Runners up: Bill Smith, Barbara Greenwood, Sherry Lynn Gillingham, Sharon Barnes, Valerie Petten
April 2021
Niagara Falls
Winner: Vikas Khaladkar
Runners up: Billy Peach, Trevor Corbett, Norma Summers, Grace Stockley, Ron Walsh
March 2021
Family Holiday for 4 in Toronto
Winner: Brad Sheppard
Runners up: Brian Murphy, Alana Walsh, Giovannini, Wesley Jefford, Dwight Ball, Chantelle MacDonald Newhook
February 2021
Victoria & Vancouver
Winner: Madalyn Masterman
Runners up: Brian Hurley, Scott Tessier, Bruce Reid, Bonnie Donovan, Gordon Stockwell
January 2021
Rocky Mountain Rail Trip
Winner: Jayna Forward
Runners up: Dale & Joanne Bickford, Ron & Judy Francis, Dera Burton, Janet & Steve Howells, Gary Pennell
December 2020
Labrador, Fly Fishing
Winner: Steve Tobin
Runners up: Kim Hickman, Kayla Sullivan, Denise Taylor, Juleah Lundon, Erika Squires
November 2020
Montreal Jazz Festival
Winner: Trent Squires
Runners up: Ron & Judy Francis, Fred Earle, Nick, DaSilva, Gail Murphy, Susan Kielley 
October 2020
Mont Tremblant Skiing Holiday
Winner: Bruce Didham
Runners up: Trevor Corbett, Denise Young, Tony Howell, Matthew Chapman, Joe McKenna
Early Bird Draw - September 2020
Fogo Island Inn
Winner: Frank Coleman
June 2020
Nice, France
Winner: David Cooke
Runners up: Frances Ralph, Pat Carew, Juleah Lunden, Bonnie Thompson, Marina Hewlett
May 2020
Winner: Barbara Greenwood
Runners up: Miranda Philpot, Sherrie Hollahan, Craig Simms, Brenda Duffy, Doreen Reglin
April 2020
Winner: Reg Lawrence
Runners up: Rebecca Browne-Walters, Bob Nurse, Colleen Stockley, Jill McLean, Bob Osborne
March 2020
Punta Cana
Winner: Joan Lane
Runners up: Stephen Outerbridge, Rob Colman, Scott Goyetche, Rick/Maureen Hayward, Lynn Ann Pye
February 2020
London Calling
Winner: Dianne Critch
Runners up: Janice Rogers, Nikie & Andrew Duffett, Craig Smith, Lynette Aylward, Norma Allen
January 2020
Disney Vacay
Winner: Craig & Cathy Cox
Runners up: Bev Russell, Ryan Miller, Tom Osborne, Judy Patterson, Bob Perks

For information on our TOTM Fundraiser please contact our committee chair:
        Sharon Barnes