Speaker Date Topic
Northwester Brenda Lockyer Jan 26, 2021
Adventures of Teaching and Living in Qatar?
Bernadette Doyle Follett Feb 02, 2021
Supporting Parents Innovative Online Project
David Divine Feb 09, 2021
District 7820 Systemic Racism Task Force Toolkit

Following the murder of George Floyd on May 25th, 2020, District 7820 formed the Anti-Systemic Racism Task Force. With the support of our district leaders, the Task Force has been working for the last seven months towards creating a tool kit of resources that Rotarians can use to combat anti-Black racism in their communities and beyond. In the tool kit you will find a Systemic Racism Resource Guide and accompanying discussion slide deck, an Anti-Racism Conversation Kit and Coaching Reference Sheet, an Anti-Racism Vocabulary reference and accompanying discussion deck, as well as quick assessments for both groups and individual Rotarians to take to determine where they are on the spectrum of awareness around this important societal issue.  

Scott Neary, CEO and Owner of Green Farm NL Feb 16, 2021
Food Security in Newfoundland
  • The current state of food security in NL
  • What's causing our unstable and expensive fresh food market
  • Barriers to Addressing food security in NL
  • Viable Plans to increase our food production in NL and inspire the next generation of farmers 
  • How Green Farm NL Produces their food, and whats possible in NL 
  • Noteable Facts:
    •    NL has the lowest number of farms out of any canadian province
    •    We only have a 2-3 day supply of produce if the ferries were to be delayed
TBA Feb 23, 2021
President Jane Mar 09, 2021
Evening Club Assembly
President Jane Jun 15, 2021
Evening BBQ